How Prvent Works
for Visitors

Visitors use a phone or tablet to scan a QR code on the sign-in poster, complete contactless sign-in, and COVID-19 Symptom checker.

How Prvent Works
for Businesses

The Visitor Dashboard is a cloud-based, real-time log of visitors, and associates, who have signed-in and been screened for COVID-19 Symptoms.

  • Replace physical sign-in sheet with online dashboard
  • Unlimited number of visitors can sign-in and use the mobile COVID screening tool
  • Visitor Data is available for contact tracing if needed
  • All data is password protected and encrypted to maintain privacy and security

Set-up and Implement
Prvent in Minutes

  • Step 1

    Purchase Prvent and log in to Visitor Dashboard.

  • Step 2

    Upload logo and select COVID screening questions.

  • Step 3

    Sign-in poster delivered by email after account is set-up.

  • Step 4

    Display sign-in poster in an easy-to-see location.

Unlimited Visitors

Total Cost Only:


$239 billed annually

What’s Included with Prvent:
  • Visitor sign-in poster is delivered in .pdf format within minutes
  • High resolution digital QR code (.eps) file
  • Immediate access to online Visitor Dashboard
  • Mobile COVID-19 screening tool for visitors and associates to use